Debt Collection

Soft Debt Collection

In case a customer forgets to pay an installment, loan or a service fee, we remind him in a customer correct manner. It is worthy to show that, even though the payment is late, you still value your client. Place this matter in the hands of our professionally trained operators who respect the motto “Your client is our client”.

Individual processes can be done under the banner of your brand name. Claims enforcement report on a daily basis as well as insolvency monitoring and setting of call srcipts are included.

Out Of Court Debt Collection

If you have no capacity to solve the long-term claims or you are out of options when it comes to claims enforcement, we are able to offer a sophisticated and effective solution based on 20 years of experience.

Professional solution of claims of any age, specially trained operators for out-of-court claims enforcement, modern technologies, individual repayment schedule of every single claim, reports on a daily basis, online access to individual cases, insolvency monitoring, high success rate based on many years of experience.

Court Debt Collection

Our experienced team of lawyers is able to take all the legal steps necessary to handle your claim. If the out-of-court debt collection is not successfull and the debtor purposely fail to pay the claims or undertake a repayment plan, we initiate judicial enforcement.

Our lawyers take the legal action, represent you in all necessary court proceedings and advise you how to advance in claims enforcement.

International Debt Collection

Claims 1 to 90 days overdue, the matter is processed under the banner of your brand name, data import, claims enforcement report possible on a daily basis, insolvency monitoring, setting of call srcipts and number of calls according to your requirements or experience.

Comprehensible online reports available for all creditors, insolvency monitoring on a daily basis, all the actions of the debtor are monitored and recorded, membership in the Collection Agencies Association, high success rate in claims enforcement.


Insolvency Monitoring

Immediate tracking of persons and companies in the insolvency register. In case the subject is insolvent, we are able to provide information and documents from insolvency register related to insolvency proceedings.

The subject of interest is automatically monitored. Eevery day the system controls persons and companies in the ISIR insolvency register. In case of change, it informs you via e-mail.

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